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About Acre Hound



I buy and sell land.  I am not an agent.  And I am good at what I do.


It’s my profession.  Solving problems.  Turning land into cash for sellers. 

Land is a fantastic investment.  But it’s an illiquid asset.  Somewhat like having a safe, filled with money.  But, with no key.

Look, back when I traded commodity futures, if I wanted to get out of a trade, all I had to do was make a phone call.  It was done.  EASY.

Land is NOT like that.  Many things affect how much it is worth.  And how to sell it.  I can make it EASY for you to sell your land.  It will be the EASIEST transaction you ever were involved in.  Because what something is "worth" and what it will actually sell for are usually two different things with land.  

My family has been in some form of the land business for a long time—going on 200 years.  Mostly farming it.  We currently have a few thousand acres in the portfolio.

Over the years, I have served many sellers.  I cannot count the number of people who have thanked me—at times, profusely—for solving various challenges associated with the land they owned.  Sometimes, it was inherited.  Previous owners had not taken care of all aspects of some paperwork.  At times, people purchased land and the reason for its intended use never materialized.  Many other variations exist.  This is one of my unique specialties.  Solving problems for people, to the end of a clean and properly executed transaction.  Get the money OUT of the land. 

I can't recall one seller who was dissatisfied with us for a genuine reason.   I always make it an concrete and inviolable point to work towards win: win solutions—an unbreakable promise.  ALL concerned parties are kept in the loop of communication.  If I cannot find a way forward where all are satisfied, I will likely not do the deal.   I do not want to do business in any way that is not absolutely above reproach.  There are simply too many deals where I CAN find win: win solutions, to deal with ones which are not.

To that end, the company tends to employ and rely upon professionals.  Lawyers; Realtors; Surveyors; Engineers.  All of whom are the best in their field.  I close all transactions with land-specific lawyers.  I find lawyers are held to a higher standard than normal title companies.  

When I buy land, I might keep it or sell it.  For the properties which I do sell, I do so through specialist realtors.  Much like a medical procedure, one would not want a generalist.  One would not want someone who is just “ok” at their job.  We deal with the best.  Agents with whom we have developed a unique relationship.  That relationship allows us to leverage their land-specific skills, such that we can find the best and highest use for the tract, while maintaining its character. 

These are not realtors one could very easily find.  Even with them, I never know how long it will take to sell, or how much it will sell for.

I own land which has been in my family for almost 200 years.  I understand “legacy.” 


I also understand the difficulty of being faced with selling a legacy asset.  When I am approached about selling legacy assets, I make it a priority to be mindful of the nature of the deal. 


For all our land, we keep the character of the land intact—inasmuch as is possible—and give the seller the highest and best price. 

I find that to do a job well, it is important to have a professional level of detail.  Which is—I suspect—why I have never failed to follow through on a viable transaction.  There have been times when material elements appear which make the transaction impossible to execute.  However, when you enter into an agreement with my company, you can rest assured that I will do everything—EVERYTHING—possible to allow you to move on and have a clean slate. 

Sometimes, I partner with property owners.  Certain types of deals make sense to partner with the owner on.  Much of the time, these are situations which are not simple transactions.  They can involve changes in zoning—or, as we say in the business, “placing entitlements.”

I do look forward to getting to know you and your land.  I would appreciate knowing the story.  Every piece of land has a story.  I look forward to understanding yours. 

Very truly, I remain,


Jerry Dalglish ~ Principal and founder, the Viking Equity Group of companies

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Our Core Values

Guided by our core values, we empower success and inspire growth.

1. Integrity;

2. Exceptional customer service;

3. Grow and learn as often as possible;

4. Respect in our interactions;

5. Compassion and empathy with all;

6. Finding Win:Win solutions;

7. Meticulous attention to detail; 

8. Live and Operate with Passion;

9. Listen and Understand;

10. Engage with relentless energy.

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