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OBSESSED with making LAND deals EASY.

I'd have some questions...


Cash Deal

We pay cash.  Nothing will be unexpected.


Sell Your Property Fast​

Our goal is to help make your life easier.  Call our title lawyers! Ask them who we are, or better yet..ask us!


Any Condition, Any Situation

We'll buy regardless of condition and situation.  I have bought land  from some of the craziest situations you can imagine in a month of Sundays

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Fill Out Our Form and Get Your Offer!


Book an Appointment

We cordially invite you to schedule a consultation with us to discuss your land. Our team of experts is readily available to provide you with comprehensive answers to all your queries and concerns.


We will make a cash offer on any piece of land, whatever the condition and situation!

Your situation and the property’s situation – it doesn’t matter, we are ready to give you a fair cash offer.

We help land owners across the nation who have inherited unwanted land parcel or are behind on payments, owe liens, downsized and can’t sell…..

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Image by John Mark Arnold

Owners sell land for many reasons including:

  • Having to continue to pay property taxes on a property you’ll never use

  • Owning vacant land in the middle of nowhere

  • Your real estate agent had the property on the market for months and was not selling

  • Inheriting a piece of property and will just never use it

We will make a cash offer on any piece of land, whatever the size, shape, or type...

We’ll pay in cash for any kind of acreage including:

Farm land

Forestry use land

Rural Land

Residential or commercial use land

It doesn’t matter!

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Tired of wannabe "Land buyers"?
Want a Real Cash Offer?

Wondering how much we can pay?


Our offers are real.  Real cash, done fast, and with no obligation. You pay zero real estate agent commission. Just hit the button below and fill out the form for your offer!

More About Our Process

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1. CONFIDENTLY confirm the price or terms

If we have already sent you an offer.  That offer represents what our team calculated as a reasonable entrance price for our business and its activities.

If you feel that the price being offered is far too low for a business price, please let us know what a legitimate value is.  Knowing, as I mention in the letter, that for most cases I must enter at an equity position which is good for my company.  


Please keep in mind that my companies are in business.  I cannot pay a retail price, unless we can add value via entitlements. 


2. EASY, Due Diligence

We will perform a thorough due diligence research on your property or portfolio.  Our title agents will make sure that the title is marketable, or can be made marketable.  Any legal curative processes will be handled during this period.

Since time is of the essence in this business, you will be apprised of anything which is taking longer than normal.  

If adding entitlements are part of this deal, it will take longer than a normal one.  


3. EASY,  You get paid.

Once we have completed all of our research, we will close and you will be paid.

Payment for deals which involve the creation of subdivisions or other entitlements are done based on our pre-agreed staging process.

Funds will be sent to you by check or wired to your bank account based on your preference.

Get Your All Cash Offer Today!

Still Have Questions? Check Out Our FAQs

  • I receive offers for my property all the time, why should I sell to YOU?
    Because we will follow through. Example: We have our own inhouse title company. Recently when I was speaking to a colleague in the business, he told me he was taking months and months to close on his deals. Since we control every aspect of our deal process, we control title too. So the times from when we commit to when we close are FAR less then others. Some operators in this business take MONTHS to close because they fail to control the details.
  • I don't want to submit my property through this site, can I call instead?
    I would prefer it if you called. You can reach me at this number: 731.777.5263
  • What will you do with my property once you buy it?
    Sometimes we keep them for ourselves, but we most often sell them to someone else.
  • What are the benefits of submitting my property information on this website?
    Speed. Reliability Ease of sale
  • Is there a cost for your services?
  • How quickly can you make me an offer?
    I can make an offer in around thirty minutes. My schedule is often packed, so the actual time will vary… Your satisfaction is important to me, and I take it seriously–so I realize time is of the essence.
  • You sent me a purchase agreement, what is that?
    Well, it is what it says it is–a contract. Sometimes, we will add more specific language if it is a land development deal or something similar.
  • How do I get paid for my property?
    Most commonly, the title company will wire you the funds.


Meet Jerry (JD)

A passionate land investor with a compelling story of how he turned love for nature into a successful career - click to read more about his journey.

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